Colorado Christian University
Message From The Dean

Message From The Dean

Dr. Ryan T. Hartwig

Dean and Professor of Communication - School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The beauty of Christ-centered, Biblically-grounded education is the ability to think faithfully and biblically about our disciplines of study, and to allow our faith to be shaped and grown through the knowledge developed through our academic studies. In this way, faith integration is a two-way street - faith shaping our disciplinary learning, and disciplinary knowledge shaping faith. As a communication scholar, my discipline's insights into the power and shape of communication have, in many respects, made my faith come alive, and the rich depth of my faith and the Scriptures have shaped my study and pursuit of my field. As a teacher, I get to invite my students into this exploration and, hopefully, help them to see their world differently - through the eyes of faith - and to strengthen their faith in the God who made the amazing world we study.