Dual Credit Registration

Dual Credit Registration

Register for Dual Credit Courses

Before you register

  • Confirm with your high school when registration is available for your dual credit courses. You will need to know the name of the dual credit courses offered through your high school.
  • Contact your institutions of interest prior to registering for CCU dual credit courses. Institutions, including CCU, differ on how they accept both AP and dual credits and can vary their policies from year to year and for various programs. CCU does not offer refunds for credits that do not transfer to institutions.
  • Have your Social Security number and a credit card handy. Also, be sure to have the student's email, date of birth, high school graduation date, and expected college start-date. Each dual credit course costs $200. Labs are included in the course fee and require no extra payment.

Register online

The registration form for CCU dual credit courses takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. If registration times out, you will need to start over.

Registration is successfully completed when you receive your confirmation page. The CCU ID and summary will be immediately emailed to you.

After you register

After you register for classes and receive your CCU ID, you will need to activate your CCU Login account the next business day to access CCU's student resources. Please visit our Dual Credit Students page for details.

To drop or withdraw from a CCU dual credit course, fill out the Drop/Withdrawal form and have it signed by a parent, then have a school faculty/administrator email it to CCU. A course may be dropped no later than the drop deadline. Tuition may be refunded dependent on the date of withdrawal. Withdrawing after the drop deadline will result in no refund and a grade of "W."

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