Dual Credit Students

Dual Credit Students

Take Dual Credit Classes at your High School

High school students can save time and money by earning high school and college credits simultaneously through the CCU Academy dual credit program at Colorado Christian University. CCU Academy dual credit courses are rigorous, college-level courses taught on the student's high school campus by the high school's approved instructors.

Each dual credit course costs $200 and must be completed with a grade of C- or higher to be considered for college transfer credit.

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Transfer Scholarship at CCU

After high school graduation, CCU Academy students will be eligible to receive up to a $5,000 CCU Academy Scholarship to CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies.

Get Started Today!

Complete a few simple steps to enroll in dual credit courses at CCU and access our student resources.

Register for dual credit classes.

Registering for a dual credit course can be completed in under 10 minutes. Payment is due at time of registration. Check with your high school counselor about CCU dual credit courses when planning your academic year.

Create your CCU Login.

You will need a CCU Login to access important student resources. To set up your CCU Login account, you will need your CCU student ID number, which will be available immediately upon successful registration as well as included on your confirmation email.

Log into Self Service.

Using your CCU Login credentials, log into CCU's Self Service portal to access your academic record. You will be able to view your classes, credits, final grades, and print your unofficial transcripts.

Obtain transcripts for dual credit courses.

Dual credit students may download unofficial transcripts through Self Service or order official transcripts through CCU's online transcript portal.

Need to Drop or Withdraw from dual credit courses?

A completed Drop/Withdrawal form includes a student, parent, and school signature. The school should email the completed form to dualcredit@ccu.edu before the drop deadline.

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