• Life Directions Center


    At CCU, we believe that college is not just a means to an end.

    It's a time to discover your unique calling, purpose, and passions. It's a time to connect that unique calling to academic, service, and vocational opportunities. It's a time to integrate those opportunities into your Christian walk. We also believe you weren't meant to walk alone.

    In the Life Directions Center, our mission is to equip students to discern their life calling, achieve academic success, and engage in meaningful service while authentically representing Christ.

    At Colorado Christian University, each student is assigned a Life Directions Advisor who serves as a "coach" – offering you academic, career, and spiritual guidance. Our advisors supply the direction, counseling, and resources necessary to help you realize and move towards your true God-given calling, purpose, and passions.

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    Life Directions Center

    Phone: 303-963-3010
    Fax: 303-963-3011
    Email: ldc@ccu.edu