Support for Military Students

At Colorado Christian University we are proud to serve Veterans and ROTC students. We are here to help you integrate your military experiences with your academic and vocational goals.

Reserve Officers' Training Core (ROTC)

We offer Air Force and Army ROTC programs through a partnership with UC-Boulder (Air Force) and Colorado School of Mines (Army). If you think ROTC is the right fit for you, your Life Directions Center (LDC) advisor is here to support you and connect you with the resources to succeed.If you would like some more information about the programs, please see the most up to date information in the academic catalog:


If you are a Veteran, returning to school brings with it both obstacles and opportunities — which is why your LDC advisor is a valuable resource for you as you transition to Colorado Christian University.

As a Veteran, you likely have many commitments on your time and energy (family, work, school, etc.), so we provide both support and encouragement while you make the most out of your unique experiences as a Veteran student.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

CCU offers several resources for Veterans

  • Assistance with GI Bill® benefits
  • Medical assistance
  • Access to free counseling
  • Opportunities to connect with other Veterans

Questions,  please contact the Life Directions Center at