Students That Support the Community

At CCU, your educational experience reaches beyond the classroom and goes into the community.

From rigorous academics and spiritual formation to empowering relationships and impactful community service, at CCU, you’ll have it all because we want you to be prepared for success in all areas of life. We believe that sending you outside of the classroom for service opportunities is the best way to prepare you.

We require all of our traditional undergraduate students to complete a specified number of volunteer service hours (ministry hours) as a requirement to graduate from CCU. We do this because we believe that service is an opportunity to shape you as a well-rounded, holistic individual who is equipped for Christian leadership, trained with the skills needed for a meaningful career, and ready to actively engage in the world.

Learn more about our ministry hour requirements and see how our current students practice meaningful service in our missions and ministry opportunities.

Would you like to have CCU students serve your organization?

At the start of each school year, new students are given the opportunity to serve their new community in Lakewood and engage with fellow students through Service Day.

We also hold a Ministry Fair on the second Thursday in September. This is a chance to come to campus and share your volunteer opportunity with students.

For more information, or to inform CCU of a service opportunity, please contact us.