Supporting the Whole Journey

College isn't just about what you want to do with your life after graduation: it's also about who you want to become.

Determining who you want to become is no easy task — it can even be a life-long journey. Our goal at the Life Directions Center is to make sure you're prepared for your own journey.

We provide a unique model for student advising; we use a holistic approach when exploring the student experience. This means that when we work with you, we examine all areas of your life calling and vocation, your academics, and your service to the community.

As a CCU student, from your very first day on campus to the day you graduate, you will have a Life Directions advisor who will work with you. Your Life Directions advisor will assist you in your personal, spiritual, academic, and social growth during your time here at CCU.

Whatever challenges or obstacles you may face throughout the course of your educational experience, your LDC advisor will be there to offer you the resources, support, and encouragement you need to make sure you reach your goals.

We see this model as more of a relational approach to student advising because we emphasize having a personal connection that focuses on eternal impact. This is unique to CCU and is a vital part of your experience in our community.

Our Academic Advising Strategy:

CCU is dedicated to creating impactful strategies that ensure our students receive exceptional holistic support for academic success.

Experts in the field of Higher Education have worked to identify specific areas of life that college students struggle with daily. The LDC has taken this research and integrated it with CCU's strong commitment of faith development and cultivated a list of eight "persistence themes" that impede our students' journey to degree completion.

Each of these eight critical themes have learning outcomes. Our advisors individualize their coaching sessions to address specific issues through powerful questions which meet students where they're at and then the advisor walks with them as they determine their path forward.

This holistic approach to advising is called "Coaching to Complete". It is a model that has become an instrumental tool in helping our students identify challenges and carry out personal action plans to overcome.