We Support Your Academics

When you embark on your college career, you'll be challenged on a whole new level — and we want you to succeed.

Our rigorous academic programs are designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills you will need to be successful, while integrating faith and helping you develop your leadership potential. We have high academic expectations, but we're also committed to helping you succeed.

If you are facing academic difficulties and are placed on Academic Probation, your LDC advisor will help you map out a plan to improve your performance leveraging the many resources available to you. Students can access Academic Success Services such as peer-to-peer tutoring, 24/7 online tutoring, and the writing center.

As a CCU student, you will benefit from the following academic support:

  • Academic advising: You will work with your LDC advisor to create a degree timeline based on your selected major. Advisors play a key role in making sure you stay on track to graduate.
  • Student success: LDC advisors are available to assist you with note-taking approaches, study skills, time management, and test-taking strategies.
  • Tutoring services:CCU offers free tutoring resources for current CUS students seeking to supplement classroom instruction to reach their educational goals. Students have access to peer-to-peer tutoring and 24/7 online tutoring through the LDC.
  • Accommodations and Accessibility: CCU is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities in order to provide all students equal access to academic programs and the university experience. For more information see the Accommodations and Accessibility page.
  • Writing center: All CUS students have access to CCU's Writing Center. The Writing Center is staffed by faculty and upperclassmen students who are available to anyone needing assistance with academic writing.

For more information contact the LDC at 303-963-3010, or by email at: accommodations@ccu.edu or tutor@ccu.edu.