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Minor in Biblical Archaeology

Discover historical and cultural artifacts that contribute to the understanding of the biblical narrative.

The Biblical Archaeology minor provides students with historical and cultural context to better understand the biblical events of the Bible. This program offers a first-hand experience in discovering biblical and historical artifacts that will bring the Bible to life and provide deeper insight into the biblical context.

The goals of this program are to equip students to use archaeology to interpret God's Word, to think critically about archaeological evidence as it pertains to the Bible, and to help prepare students who wish to pursue a career in archaeology.

Biblical Archeology at CCU

Offered through CCU's School of Theology, the Biblical Archaeology minor provides students with unique opportunities to discover historical and cultural artifacts that contribute to the understanding of the biblical narrative and events.

Students will have the opportunity to visit archaeological sites in Israel, working alongside archaeologists, allowing students to learn first-hand archaeological methods, techniques, and experiences. In addition, CCU students will have the opportunity to engage with international experts in the field of biblical archaeology, providing students with insight and expertise as well as encouragement in their Christian faith.

What can you do with a minor in Biblical Archaeology?
  • Archaeological Consultant
  • Conservationist Officer
  • Conservationist Officer
  • Museum Educator or Curator
  • Tourism
Interesting Classes You Might Take
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Field Work in Biblical Archaeology
  • Hebrew Exegesis

About the School of Theology

The School of Theology is committed to cultivating the minds of students who have godly character and who demonstrate both thoughtfulness and maturity. Our desire is unique among theology schools in Colorado: to come alongside students to offer encouragement, direction, and support as they become a well-founded evangelical scholar. Students participate in rigorous academic programs that offer a variety of viewpoints within Christianity and lead to an intelligent commitment to the gospel.

Scholarship itself is ministry to the church and is for service to the church. It fosters an environment where students learn to respect various Christian perspectives, develop an informed faith commitment, and avoid simplistic answers to complex questions. Through experienced faculty, theology students receive a thorough grounding in the primary sources of their fields, and critically engage with the best scholarship research and study in the 21st century.

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