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Bachelor of Arts in Classical Elementary Education (B.A.)

Licensure with Endorsement in Elementary Education

Graduates of the classical elementary licensure program earn four CCU areas of emphasis: Biblical Studies, Reading, English Language Arts and Social Studies.

The Classical Education program comprises an interdisciplinary course of study in classical studies and classical teaching methods, grounded in the liberal arts tradition with a strong foundation in the traditions of the historical Christian faith. Offered through the School of Education, the Classical Education major provides students with a solid foundation in classical culture and the Christian intellectual tradition. Students are also provided with the extensive knowledge in teaching strategies and objectives that will allow for the integration of classical education principles into the classroom.

Fundamental classical concepts such as reading, literacy, critical thinking, grammar, English and math are recognized as playing a critical role within the classroom setting. Our student teachers are equipped to play a critical role in classroom education and make a lasting impact on students outside of the classroom as well. This program offers student teachers a firm foundation in the Liberal Arts that will deepen their understanding of Classical Education and help them to apply it to every aspect of the classroom.

Classical Elementary Education at CCU

As a university grounded in the Liberal Arts, the integration of classical learning concepts in education is of great importance to CCU. Along with Classical Education, our students within this program are equipped to approach teaching with a biblical and Christ-like perspective in the way they treat their students, coworkers and leadership as well as the curriculum they will teach. Our student teachers are trained to help children develop educational and personally, through meaningful interaction and engagement. Graduates from this program will have extensive in-classroom teaching experience and will have emphasis in reading, language arts and social studies to complement their elementary education degree.

Research Opportunities in Education

School of Education students who are interested in research opportunities should have sophomore or junior standing in the School of Education. Students will complete an application process and meet with a faculty advisor to determine the area of focus and responsibilities within the research project. With supervision from a faculty member, students will develop a research proposal and plan for data collection. Students who enroll in the research seminar will be expected to present their research at a local conference. Learn more about research opportunities in Education.

What can you do with a degree in classical elementary education?
  • Apply for Colorado State Licensure in grades K-6
  • Teach in public, private charter, Christian, or international schools
  • Education specialization (principal, reading specialist, technology specialist)
  • School counseling
Interesting Classes You Might Take
  • Assessment of Learning and Critical Thinking
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • Teaching Content Literacy and Writing
Professional Licensure Disclosure

Colorado Christian University offers several academic programs which lead to professional licensure in the state of Colorado and, in some programs, prepare students for a national exam. All students should be aware that states vary in their educational and professional requirements depending on the profession. Some states require specific educational requirements, clinical requirements, accreditation requirements, or exam requirements. See professional licensure disclosures for details.

About the School of Education

At CCU, we're training the next generation of teachers, for both public schools and private Christian schools. The Christ-centered educational model in our School of Education is unique among education schools in Colorado, training graduates who are not only outstanding educators, but also respected members of the community.

The School of Education offers a variety of academic programs ranging from Elementary and Secondary Education to Classical Education and Special Education. You will be taught and mentored by exceptional faculty who have all been licensed as teachers or administrators in Colorado. They know what it's like to be in classrooms and are committed to helping you succeed. You will get your first field experience during your freshman year, working with students in local elementary, middle, and high schools under the supervision of exemplary teachers to gain expert experience.

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The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) has ranked both the elementary and secondary education programs in CCU's School of Education as the top education programs in the State of Colorado, and in the 98th percentile of all education programs, nationwide.

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