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Bachelor of Arts in History (B.A.)

Program Options: Major, Minor

History majors at CCU navigate into the past and explore its riches, with the enthusiastic help and guidance of professors, who join their students in the great adventure of exploring and learning from what has gone on before us.

CCU History majors develop strong writing, communication, analytical thinking skills, and a nuanced world view, which allow them to be successful in a wide variety of careers. History majors are well prepared to pursue graduate or professional degrees, work as a journalist, serve as an archivist, lead an NGO, work as a civil servant, teach, and virtually any other career that calls for creative problem solving.

History at CCU

Offered through the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the History major is designed to assist students in developing a uniquely Christian perspective on history and to train students in the skills of historical inquiry and the writing of history. This involves moral, societal, and political reflection, providing students with a uniquely Christian and historical perspective on the contemporary world. The program focuses on the great tradition of Western history and goes beyond social history to incorporate political, intellectual, and religious history into its core.

    • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of significant events, persons, and developments within Western Civilization and American History, including how the Christian faith influenced and was influenced by these events.
    • Analyze select events and topics in American and World history, including important events, persons, developments, and interpretations.
    • Articulate an understanding of various philosophies of history including a Christian philosophy of history, the development of the discipline of history in Western civilization, and the historiography of select specific American and European events/eras.
    • Demonstrate a practical understanding of, and develop the skills of the methodology of “doing history.” This includes historical research, book analyses, and analysis of primary documents.
  • History students have the opportunity to earn CCU credit while spending a week in London. Students in this three-credit course meet six to eight times during the semester and complete assignments designed to help you get the most out of their time in London.

    • Travel to London and see numerous historic sites
    • Experience British history and culture first-hand
    • Explore British contributions to Western culture
    • Immerse yourself in British history

What Alumni Say

CCU alumni with history degree
Katie Adamson '06

"The nature of being a Foreign Service Officer means I often need to take in a lot of information and act on it quickly. My studies were demanding, but they prepared me to be able to handle the high-stress environment I encounter in my work. The research and critical thinking skills I developed during my undergraduate studies have been invaluable when I am preparing for a position in a new country. The opportunity I had to study abroad in Oxford through CCU led me down the path of wanting to live overseas while still serving my country."

ccu alumni with history degree
Josh Millard '01

"As an Exhibit Specialist, I'm regularly called upon to assist other curatorial staff in how we as a museum present our nation's history. It is a very hands-on and tangible method of historical interpretation. Without a good understanding of our past and historical context it would be impossible to do my job. At CCU I received not just historical knowledge, but learned how to interpret people and events from the past. It prepared me well for a job where I'm helping present historical information to the general public."

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