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Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering (B.S.)

Use your knowledge and abilities to steward resources, solve complex problems, and create tangible value while you share the love of Christ.

If you enjoy problem solving and finding not just any solution, but the best one, the industrial engineering program offered through CCU's School of Science and Engineering is for you. Industrial engineering is versatile and in demand by virtually every industry. Industrial engineering combines technical skills with business acumen. Whether it's learning about logistics, supply chain management, waste reduction, analytics, human resources, psychology, and more, you will be trained with an interdisciplinary, advanced skill set that allows you to explore a variety of careers.

Industrial and Systems Engineering at CCU

As an industrial engineer graduating from a Christ-centered institution, you'll have a unique professional skill set that will assist in sharing the love of Christ while utilizing your sociotechnical knowledge, skills and abilities to steward resources, solve complex problems, and create tangible value. This could include optimizing production/manufacturing processes, reducing waste in large companies, managing complex defense systems, designing well systems for access to clean water; reimagining food storage that is able to withstand harsh environments; and ensuring that healthcare systems operate efficiently.

What can you do with a minor in industrial and systems engineering?
  • Operations analyst
  • Project manager
  • Quality engineer
  • Simulation engineer
  • Supply chain solutions engineer
Interesting Classes You Might Take
  • Human Factors
  • Logistics Management
  • Manufacturing Systems

About the School of Science and Engineering

In the School of Science and Engineering at Colorado Christian University, character forms the bedrock of God-honoring and kingdom-building science. We aim to help our students explore the world that God created, use cutting-edge technology, and discover how faith interacts with questions that arise out of studying science. We focus on teaching our students how to articulate a Christian perspective on issues such as bioethics, ecology, and human life.

Science and engineering programs are taught within the world of ideas, synthesizing the liberal arts, advanced theories, and applied technology. Our faculty intentionally seek out ways to hone a Christ-like character in our students, inspiring them to become moral and ethical, world-changing leaders. Purposefully small classes and laboratories invite students to learn with their hands as well as their minds. This instills a level of mastery necessary to become a leader in rapidly-advancing fields of science and engineering.

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