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Pre-Engineering Degree | Colorado Christian University
Colorado Christian University has a great engineering program.

Pre-Engineering Degree | Colorado Christian University

The Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering at Colorado Christian University will prepare you to pursue a degree in mechanical, electrical, or another engineering discipline. The program provides a solid foundation in engineering, math, and science while also studying one of two CCU distinctives: Biblical Studies or Liberal Arts.

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Pre-Engineering at CCU

The Associates of Science in Pre-Engineering degree is ideal for those students who desire CCU’s strong foundation in both a biblical worldview and engineering, but seek to major in an engineering discipline not currently offered at CCU. Upon graduating with this degree, most students will be the salt and light at another university while they complete their bachelor’s degree in their chosen engineering discipline.

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    In the 2018-19 academic year, 99% of traditional undergraduate students received some form of financial aid, with $21 million distributed in scholarships and grants.

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    All prospective traditional undergraduates are provided with an Enrollment Counselor (EC) who will help guide you through every step of the admission process.