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Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (B.A.)

Program Options: Major and Minor
...whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.
– Philippians 4:8

With its rare focus in today’s culture on upholding the humanities and the classical Western tradition, CCU offers the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree to develop solid analytical and critical thinking skills alongside a reverence for the classical elements of truth, goodness, and beauty. While ruminating on such timeless concepts of the human experience, students will learn to think for themselves, become seekers of truth, and engage with and respond to contemporary philosophical approaches.

The goal of philosophy is to answer many of life’s fundamental questions, such as: What is reality? What is the nature and extent of knowledge? What is the source of our morality? What is the purpose of beauty? Is the Christian faith rational? How do I live a life that is guided by wisdom? Philosophy also draws on all areas of human endeavor (theology, science, law, psychology, the arts, politics, history, economics, and popular culture) and teaches us the skills to think more critically about them.

CCU’s philosophy major sharpens critical thinking skills, exposes you to the great ideas of history, encourages deep reflection on the world around us, and invites you to intellectually engage with your Christian faith. Not only does this intellectually versatile degree provide opportunities for deep thinkers to dig deep into God’s truths and the abstract, complex questions of our human experience, but it also equips students to become innovative thought leaders in a wide variety of fields.

Philosophy at CCU

The philosophy major at CCU provides endless opportunities for growth in both character and career. The program aids future Christian leaders by teaching them to love God with their minds, helping them to cultivate Christian character, and gives them the tools necessary to approach the world thoughtfully and solve problems. Graduates of the program will be thoroughly prepared with stand-out critical thinking skills and character that can be applied to success in nearly any career option, as well as success in further studies.

What can you do with a degree in philosophy?
  • Para-legal/Attorney
  • Communications/Writer
  • Philosophy/humanities professor
  • Business/Marketing director
  • Public relations
  • Tech/IT development
  • Government/policy analyst
Interesting Classes You Might Take
  • Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Beauty, Desire, and Wisdom
  • Ancient Philosophy and the Art of Living
  • Popular Culture and Media: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives
  • Philosophy of Mind, Soul, and the Human Person
  • Philosophical Theology

About the School of Theology

The School of Theology is committed to cultivating the minds of students who have godly character and who demonstrate both thoughtfulness and maturity. Our desire is unique among theology schools in Colorado: to come alongside students to offer encouragement, direction, and support as they become a well-founded evangelical scholar. Students participate in rigorous academic programs that offer a variety of viewpoints within Christianity and lead to an intelligent commitment to the gospel.

Scholarship itself is ministry to the church and is for service to the church. It fosters an environment where students learn to respect various Christian perspectives, develop an informed faith commitment, and avoid simplistic answers to complex questions. Through experienced faculty, theology students receive a thorough grounding in the primary sources of their fields, and critically engage with the best scholarship research and study in the 21st century.

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