Philosophy Minor

Philosophy Minor

artwork of various greek and roman thinking

Undergraduate Minor in Philosophy

The Philosophy minor is designed to help students seek the answers to fundamental questions about life, humanity and faith. In this program students will develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, leadership, how to engage with provoking topics and most importantly character development. Philosophical understanding opens up many opportunities and insight in a variety of fields and disciplines including: business, education, politics, history, psychology, pre-law and the sciences. This program equips students with the ability to gain a better understanding of the world, ask meaningful questions and develop well-thought responses to important issues in any field of expertise.

A Philosophy Minor at CCU

A Philosophy minor at CCU emphasizes a Christian perspective and worldview into philosophical discovery. Students are challenged to both ask and respond to questions about the Christian faith from a variety of philosophical viewpoints. This enables students to explore their faith on a deeper level, give logical arguments for the Christian faith and also provide them with a solid foundation of knowledge to draw their responses from. The Philosophy program at CCU challenges students to grow in their faith and deepen their knowledge, preparing them spiritually and intellectually for real world experiences.

What can you do with a philosophy minor?
  • Business/Non-Profit Professional
  • Financial Services
  • Paralegal
  • Health Care Services
Interesting Classes You Might Take
  • Modern Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Mind, Soul and the Human Person
  • Popular Culture and Media: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives

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