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Music and Theatre Audition Information

Auditions are required for acceptance as a music/theatre major or minor, for participation in any ensemble, and for music scholarship consideration.

All students who sing, play a musical instrument, or act are encouraged to audition for any CCU ensemble.

Audition process

Students must complete a Music Audition Form prior to the desired audition date. A list of studied repertoire and at least one recommendation from the private teacher of record or the high school music teacher must be submitted at the time of the audition.

Students will be requested to demonstrate technical skills:
  • Vocalists: Sight-singing and vocalizing
  • Instrumentalists: Sight-reading and scales
  • Pianists: Sight-reading, scales/arpeggios/chords/cadences, keyboard skills, and reading chord charts

Students who plan on pursuing a major or minor in music or theatre should prepare a minimum of two selections in varied styles (e.g. two classical pieces of contrasting styles, one classical and one popular selection, or one classical and one jazz, etc.).

It is strongly recommended that pianists have at least one of their selections memorized. It is required that vocalists have both of their pieces memorized.

Non-music majors auditioning for ensembles may substitute music from their current choir, band, or orchestra.

**You must provide your own accompanist or accompaniment track for your audition.**

Music and Theatre program requirements

You must have completed an audition and have been accepted into the music program before you can register for a major or minor in music or theatre.

Unable to audition in person?

If you are not able to audition in person, we encourage you to arrange a live Zoom audition through the music office. If that is not possible, you may submit a high-quality video audition either by DVD, YouTube, Vimeo, or another approved method. For video auditions, please see the additional guidelines for vocal, instrumental and piano auditions. Please complete the Music Audition Form prior to sending your video audition or before scheduling your Zoom audition.

Music and Theatre scholarships

To be considered for a music or theatre scholarship award, all live auditions must be completed and all video submissions must be received by March 1st of the current academic year.

Ensemble participation scholarships are available to non-music majors for the following ensembles: University Choir, University Women's Choir, University Symphonic Band, Men's Chorus, String Quartet, CCU Drumline, University Handbell Ensemble, and theatre participation.

Schedule your audition with the School of Music by calling 303-963-3135 or emailing