Music Media and Marketing Emphasis

Music Media and Marketing Emphasis

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Bachelor of Arts in Music: Music Media and Marketing

At Colorado Christian University, you can combine your passion for music with your education by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music. This music degree is perhaps the most versatile of all music degrees, preparing you for a broad range of musical and non-musical careers.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis in Media and Marketing will provide you with a unique skill set that is designed to give you a competitive understanding of the music marketing industry. The degree offers knowledge and experience in the areas of business, media, and music — equipping you with a well-rounded understanding of crucial aspects of the commercial musical industry. The program focuses on the tools you will need to get your music into the marketplace, blending passion for music with industry expertise, in order to become a faith-driven leader in the field.

Music Media & Marketing at CCU

Colorado Christian University is one of the few Christian universities that offers its students a degree in Music Media and Marketing. Educating you in the fundamentals of music within a Christian atmosphere is the focus of the program at CCU, with the goal of students being well-prepared for a future career they are passionate about. Music is a form of praise and CCU encourages you to worship Christ through both music and your life, so others may see Christ glorified.

What can you do with a Music Media and Marketing Degree?

  • Commercial Music Arts
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Events Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Artist Representative

Interesting Courses You Might Take

  • Music Business
  • Performance Proficiency
  • Sight Singing and Ear Training
  • Visual Culture and Graphic Design
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