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CCU’s K-LOVE Scholarship Contest

CCU’s K-LOVE Scholarship Contest

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The entry phase for the CCU Online and K-LOVE Summer 2019 Scholarship Contest ended September 19, 2019. Thank you to the thousands of listeners who entered our contest!

Drawing for Grand Prize Winners

A random drawing for the $10,000 grand prize scholarship and $5,000 grand prize scholarship for CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies will be held in October 2019. The names of the winners will be posted on this website.

$1,000 Scholarships for All Eligible Entrants!

Even if you are not selected as a grand prize winner, you could still be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship toward your associate, bachelor's or master's degree at CCU Online!

Next Step: Apply for admission to CCU Online by November 1, 2019.

Contest Eligibility Requirements

* Verify your eligibility for this scholarship contest:

  • Entrants must be 19 years or older by September 11, 2019, to qualify for the contest.
  • The scholarship contest is not applicable to degree programs in CCU’s College of Undergraduate Studies, which offers traditional residential-based programs. (If you are interested in our scholarships for traditional undergraduate students, visit our College of Undergraduate Studies Scholarships page.)
  • Students who are eligible for CCU’s reduced military tuition rate will not be eligible for this scholarship contest.
  • The contest is for new students only: 
    • Students who have completed any CCU CAGS course prior to September 11, 2019are not eligible for this scholarship contest. 
    • Students who are actively registered for a class prior to September 11, 2019are not eligible for this scholarship contest. (i.e. If they haven’t completed a course but they are actively registered to start, they are not eligible.) 
    • Students who are actively attending a class prior to September 11, 2019are not eligible for this scholarship contest. (i.e. If their first class started August 26, 2019 — which they haven’t completed — they are not eligible.)
  • Graduate students with a conferred CCU bachelor’s degree are eligible for this scholarship, provided they have not enrolled in any graduate-level coursework at CCU after their undergraduate degree was completed and prior to September 11, 2019.
  • Entrants must meet CCU admission requirements for their academic program to qualify for a scholarship.
See Contest Rules for a complete list of eligibility requirements.